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handicraftgrips AFM05## New Colt 1911 1991 Full Size Clones Springfield Grips Smooth Real Mother of Pearl Hand Engraved Handmade Handcraft Sport for Men Birthday Design


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  • Condition: New
  • Material: Mother of pearl
  • 1 Set = Right and Left side of grips
  • Fit For Model: Full Size Colt 1911, Colt Combat Commander, Colt Gold Cup, Full Size Springfield Clones, Full Size Kimber Clones, Auto Ordnance and Para Ordnance D7, T7, Full Size DAO and Various other Full Size 1911 Clones Cut for Ambi Safty
  • Because of This grips made by handmade, sometime doesn't apply to original color. They are one of a kind and the color shown is the one that you would receive. Beautiful Smooth Finish design and durable natural meterial grips produce by Thailand craftsmanship by handicraftgrips