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handicraftgrips CNW13## New Colt D Frame Grips Detective Short Square Butt Colt Detective Colt Diamond Back Colt Agent Engraved Laser Hardwood Wood Handmade Beautiful Handcraft Sport for Men Gift


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  • Condition: New
  • Material: Hard Wood
  • 1 Set = Right and Left side of grips with Screws
  • Fit For Model: Colt Detective special, Colt Diamond Back, Colt Cobra, Colt Agent , Guns made after the early 1960's, Note: These grips are reproduction work NOT Authentic factory grip.
  • Because of This grips made by handmade, sometime doesn't apply to original color. They are one of a kind and the color shown is the one that you would receive. Beautiful Smooth Finish design and durable natural meterial grips produce by Thailand craftsmanship by handicraftgrips