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S&W J frame

S&W J frame round butt Model 640

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Smith & Wesson Model 640 Handmade Grips by Handicraftgrips fit for model 640 J frame round butt From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigationJump to search S&W 640 Type Service Revolver Place of origin United States Service history In service 1990–present Production history Manufacturer Smith & Wesson Unit cost $729.00[1] Specifications Mass 22.58 oz. ; 15.8 oz for alloy version Length 6.56"[1] Barrel length 2.125"[1] Caliber .357 Magnum.38 Special.38 Special +P Action DAO Effective firing range 22.86 meters Maximum firing range 45.72 meters Feed system 5-round cylinder Sights Fixed The Smith & Wesson Model 640 revolver is a 5-shot snubnosed revolver that is chambered in either .38 Special or...

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